Family friendly 1.11.2 survival server

Welcome to Mastercraft!

We are very happy that you have choosen our server over the many others out there! And we are pleased to have you play on our server. MasterCraft is a family friendly Minecraft survival server, we have a very nice community that will accept you with open arms! Another option other then survival is Skyblock, we do have a skyblock with custom challanges to keep you entertained. We also have the slimefun plugin which is like a modpack but in vanilla (Slimefun is temporarly disabled as it has not updated to 1.11.2 yet!) But before you can become a member you must first register on our website (Thats here) When registering you must accept our rules and understand you may be punished if you break them. Once you are registered you can notify a staff member and you will become a member. After that you can climb through our ranks until you reach MasterShark! Again we hope you stay with us and enjoy your time here!

     – Love, The Staff Team



Spigot updated to latest version, should fix that problem where you randomly disconnect and the server crashes